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Blissfully situated on a lush clifftop promontory in an exquisite island destination, our portfolio of ultra-luxury residencies is open for investment opportunities for a very limited time. These properties are conceptualized by a celebrated design studio and constructed in harmony with nature.

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October 31, 2023Business Spotlight: Philippine Film Heritage Building Amplifies Tourism and Cultural Appeal

With a significant boost for Philippine film tourism and culture, a groundbreaking ceremony for the Philippine Film Heritage Building took place in Intramuros, Manila. This development comes as a strategic move to further position the nation as a key player in the film and tourism industry, integrating Philippine cinema, tourism, and heritage.

Overview of the Project

The event saw key figures, including Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco, FDCP Chair Tirso Cruz III, and Manila Vice Mayor John Marvin “Yul Servo” Nieto, gather at the historic Baluarte de Santiago in the Walled City. The Philippine Film Heritage Building, slated for completion by the end of 2024, will stand on an 800-square-meter lot along Sta. Lucia Street. Adjacently located to landmarks such as Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus and TIEZA’s Light and Sound Museum, the establishment is set to enhance the area’s cultural and historical appeal.

Designed as a state-of-the-art facility, the building will host the Cinematheque Centre Manila and the Philippine Film Archive, complete with a film museum/gallery, media library, film storage, and a restoration room. Additionally, it will function as the new headquarters for the FDCP, equipped with office spaces, lounge areas, a board room, merchandise shop, and café.

This project is a result of a 22-year tripartite agreement between the DOT, its infrastructure wing TIEZA, and the FDCP.

Potential Impacts on the Tourism and Film Industry

By offering a holistic cinematic experience, the facility aims to attract film enthusiasts, students, local citizens, and global tourists. Cruz emphasized the building’s potential, stating it will be a “treasure trove of Philippine cinema for visitors from all around the world.” Meanwhile, De Venecia highlighted its long-term impact, envisioning a future where the nation’s films “continue to inspire, inform, and entertain generations.”

As part of the National Tourism Development Plan, the administration acknowledges the strategic importance of film tourism in enhancing Filipino identity. The building will not only celebrate the nation’s cinematic achievements but also bolster employment opportunities in the creative and tourism sectors.

International Spotlight on the Philippines

The Philippines’ charm extends beyond its cinematic offerings. Over the years, its captivating landscapes and warm hospitality have enchanted various Hollywood personalities.

Celebrities like Mariah Carey, Zac Efron, and Margot Robbie have been spellbound by the country’s scenic beauty and culture. Efron’s visit saw him savoring Filipino delicacies, while Robbie was completely taken in by the beauty of El Nido. Hollywood’s continued fascination with the country also led Vanessa Hudgens to explore her Filipino roots and produce her travel documentary, The Awakening, showcasing the enchanting island of Palawan.

Palawan: The Philippines’ Jewel and Global Travel Magnet

The allure of the Philippines, renowned for its picturesque islands and vibrant culture, has captivated global travelers for decades. Its promise of sun-soaked beaches, towering palm trees, and refreshing tropical beverages has been a siren song to many seeking refuge from the colder climes. Every vista offers an escape, a moment to reflect on nature’s grandeur, and as twilight descends, the rhythm of festivities and camaraderie strikes up, encapsulating the essence of this tropical paradise.

Central to this allure is Palawan, often referred to as the ‘Last Frontier’ of the Philippines. Recognized worldwide, this majestic island beckons both seasoned travelers and first-time explorers, as well as Filipinos seeking respite from urban chaos. Whether one seeks solace, adventure with loved ones, or simply a celebration of life, Palawan extends an open invitation to indulge in its pristine beauty. With its diverse ecosystems and breathtaking landscapes, the island is a testament to the splendors of nature waiting to be discovered.

The global recognition of Palawan’s charm was solidified when it was crowned the “Most Desirable Island” at the 21st Wanderlust Travel Awards announced last November 9. Wanderlust, a prominent UK-based travel magazine championing sustainable travel for nearly three decades, has been guiding travelers to some of the world’s most exquisite destinations. But Palawan’s accolades didn’t end there. In the same awards, Cebu, another Philippine gem, was nominated as the Most Desirable Region internationally. Additionally, the Philippine Department of Tourism-Central Visayas Office garnered the 6th spot amongst hundreds of entries in the Wanderlust Sustainability Initiative Category, commending its Dive7 Program.

Such acknowledgments reflect not only the natural beauty of the Philippines but also its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism. It’s a dual celebration of the nation’s dedication to preserving its natural treasures while sharing them with the world.


The inauguration of the Philippine Film Heritage Building stands as a testament to the nation’s dedication to celebrating its cinematic and cultural legacy. This initiative further cements the Philippines’ position as a beacon of film excellence and tourist magnetism.

Central to the country’s global appeal is the enchanting island of Palawan, recognized as the ‘Last Frontier.’ Its recent accolade as the “Most Desirable Island” by Wanderlust Travel Awards underscores its worldwide allure. Alongside this, Cebu’s nomination and the commendation for the Philippines’ Dive7 Program highlight the nation’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

As the Philippines gracefully merges its storied cinematic traditions with its breathtaking natural wonders, it beckons the global community to immerse themselves in its rich heritage and unmatched beauty. At El Nido Beach, we’re not just observing these milestones; we’re shaping them. With our resort’s inauguration set for 2024, our luxury 5-star pool villas equipped with state-of-the-art amenities await the luminaries of the film industry. For the astute investor, a golden opportunity awaits: a chance to invest in the few remaining gems of ‘The Pavilions’—an illustrious hospitality brand. Nestled on the serene beachfront of Sibaltan in El Nido, these villas promise an oasis of luxury and tranquility. Don’t miss your chance to own a slice of paradise. Contact one of our experienced investment advisors today!

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