World Tourism Experts Converge in The Philippines


Tourism Ministers and business leaders joined together in a three-day summit in the Philippines recently for the latest World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) 21st Global Summit.

WTTC’s annual Global Summit is the most influential Travel & Tourism event where the different sectors aligned efforts to support recovery and move beyond to a safer, more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future for the industry.

With this year’s theme, ‘Rediscovering Travel’, this high-level session explored how the sector will continue to adapt to COVID-19 and emerge resiliently from this pandemic.

Also present was Her Excellency, Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Secretary, Philippines Department of Tourism.

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The economic impact report released at the recent WTTC is a vital tool in equipping the various sectors with hard evidence on policymaking and investment decisions.

WTTC’s latest annual research shows that following a loss of almost US$4.9 trillion in 2020 (-50.4% decline), Travel & Tourism’s contribution increased by US$1 trillion (+21.7% rise) in 2021.

As for tourists coming into El Nido, there is an overwhelming influx of visitors with flights and hotels getting fully booked with the eased up restrictions.

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PH Opens Doors to All Foreign Tourists with Easing of Arrival Requirements Starting April 1

Starting April 1, there will be no limit to the number of international passengers arriving in all ports of entry in the country. 

The Department of Tourism (DOT) on Friday (March 11) made this announcement following the decision of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) to lift the arrival quota for unvaccinated passengers in all ports of entry. 

The IATF, under Resolution 164-A, made the submission of a negative laboratory-based antigen test result taken within 24 hours from departure an alternate option for arriving passengers, in place of the initial requirement of a negative result of an RT-PCR test taken 48 hours prior to departure from point of origin. 

The resumption of visa issuances by Philippine embassies and consulates will also start on April 1 to coincide with total removal of arrival quotas. 

“This latest development opens the country to all fully vaccinated tourists from all countries, and means the country’s tourism industry is well on its way to recovery”, Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat said. 

“We at the DOT thank our colleagues in the IATF for approving such measures that will help sustain the recovery of the sector in the coming months. We have high hopes that all of these will result in an uptick in international travelers visiting the country during the summer season,” Puyat added. 

The IATF Resolution 164-A also allows the entry of passport holders from Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR for a period not exceeding 14 days. 

IATF Resolution 164, on the other hand, approves the reciprocal recognition of Covid-19 vaccination certificates from Croatia, Cyprus, and Nepal which are among of the 157 countries whose citizens can enter the Philippines without a visa under EO 408.  

“While our domestic tourists have been the pillar of our recovery, we are also excited to welcome more foreign visitors in the weeks ahead. Such a move to further ease our borders and recognize the vaccination certificates of other countries is very important, noting that our top foreign markets were part of the visa-free countries,” she added. 

To recall, the Philippines reopened its doors to foreign leisure travelers from visa-free countries on February 10. 

Based on the DOT’s data as of 09 March 2022, the number of arrivals to the country’s main airports have reached 76,736. Of this number, 43,249 are foreign tourists, while 33,487 are balikbayans.


Happy Days with Investors

Just last week, our very first investor for The Pavilions El Nido Palawan Island, Mr. Pearson from the U.K. visited the country for a site tour in El Nido Palawan. We were so happy to see him, so we toured him around and chatted with him to know his thoughts on the progress of our resort development.  

STAFF: You visited the property back then. Now you’re here in 2022 and seeing it again, what was your first reaction?

MR. PEARSON: “I was amazed at the scale of the place, what you have achieved in so little time, particularly during COVID. The fact that it carried out in construction is absolutely unbelievable. It was brilliant to see the villas in place and be able to walk around them.”

STAFF: What was your favorite part of the entire tour?

MR. PEARSON: “I have an overwater villa and it was nice to see the area. It was the first time that I could see the beach front, and got a feel of what the views will be. It got me excited. It’s really amazing!”

STAFF: As our investor #1 what would you say to other investors who are probably looking into being part of this project?

MR. PEARSON: “I am from the UK. It’s very difficult to invest in a faraway country when you haven’t been able to visit the place for two years, right?  Trust is key. Trust in the development. Trust that it can be completed as it should be to its scale and the nice feeling the place has.”

Mr. Pearson our Investor from UK personally toured by our CEO Rick Lee

“Mr. Pearson experiencing some happy days in El Nido”

Our investor #1 from U.K. in his Palawan Tour A: Inclusive of the Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Big Lagoon and Shimizu Island

General Information on the Entry of Foreigners

The Embassy informs the public of salient points of Resolution Nos. 159 dated 27 January 2022 and 160-A dated 3 February 2022 of the Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging and Infectious Diseases (IATF):

I. Classification of countries, territories, and/or jurisdictions into “green”, “yellow” and “red” is temporarily suspended until further notice;

II. Effective 10 February 2022, foreign nationals traveling to the Philippines for business and tourism purposes may enter the country visa-free and stay in the Philippines for not more than 30 days, provided that they:

  1. Are a citizen or national of a non-visa required country under Executive Order 408 s. 1960 (E.O. 408);
  2. Are fully-vaccinated and able to provide sufficient proof of vaccination (except for minor children below 12 years of age), to include any of the following:

    • World Health Organization (WHO) International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis;
    • VaxCertPH;
    • National or digital certificate of the country which has accepted VaxCertPH under reciprocal arrangement (for Singapore, digital certificate issued through Notarise Singapore); OR
    • Other proof of vaccination permitted by the IATF.

  1. Present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours prior to departure from (first) point of origin;
  2. Have a valid return ticket or ticket to onward destination (not later than 30 days from the date of arrival in the Philippines);
  3. Have passports valid for at least six months from the time of arrival in the Philippines; AND
  4. Have obtained, prior to arrival, travel insurance for COVID-19 treatment costs from a reputable insurance company, with a minimum coverage of USD35,000, for the duration of their stay in the Philippines.

III. Foreign nationals not qualified under Section II above, or foreign nationals from visa-required or restricted countries, may enter the Philippines by securing a 9(a) visa, provided that:

  1. They have an entry exemption document issued under existing IATF regulations;
  2. Are fully-vaccinated and able to provide sufficient proof of vaccination (except for minor children below 12 years of age), as provided in Section II 2(b);
  3. Present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours prior to departure from (first) point of origin;

IV. Once admitted into the country, fully vaccinated foreign nationals are no longer required to observe mandatory facility quarantine but shall self-monitor for any COVID-19 signs and symptoms for seven (7) days, with Day 1 as the date of arrival in the Philippines. They are required to report to the local government unit (LGU) of their destination should they manifest any symptoms.

V. Those who fail to fully comply with the conditions set forth shall be denied admission and shall be subject to appropriate exclusion proceedings. Furthermore, foreign nationals found not compliant with the conditions set forth in Section II 2b shall be required to undergo facility-based quarantine until the release of their negative RT-PCR test taken on the 5th day. After which, they shall be required to undergo home quarantine until their 14th day, with Day 1 as their date of arrival.

The full text of the IATF 160-B resolution may be accessed through this link. For further inquiries on entry regulations, please e-mail

Categories of Foreign Nationals (FNs) Allowed to Travel to the PH

  Categories Requirements for Entry into PH
1 Diplomats and members of international organizations and their dependents Valid 9(e) visa
Valid 47(a)(2) visa (issued to those performing diplomatic functions)
2 Filipino dual citizens Proof of Philippine citizenship
3 Fully vaccinated nationals of countries that are part of the EO 408 list (effective 10 Feb 2022) Visa-free entry;
Requirements stated in Section II above
4 Foreign nationals and permanent visa holders with valid and existing visas at the time of entry (9(c) and long-term visa holders) Valid 9(c) visa
Valid 13(a) visa
Valid long-term visa
5 Foreign nationals allowed entry under the Balikbayan Program (RA6768), provided they are nationals from non-visa required countries under EO 408 (former Filipino citizens, together with foreign spouses and children who are travelling with them; Foreign spouses and children of Filipino citizens, who are travelling with their Filipino principals) Proof of filiation
Visa-free for EO 408 countries;
Valid visa for countries not part of EO 408
6 Fully vaccinated foreign nationals from non-EO 408/restricted or visa-required countries with spouses and children who are Filipino citizens Valid 9(a) visa
Proof of filiation
Requirements for visa application
7 Foreign nationals eligible for 9(g) and 47(a)(2) visa Valid 9(g) visa
Valid 47(a)(2) visa
8 Foreign nationals duly endorsed by a Philippine government agency Valid 9(a) visa
Valid entry exemption document
9 Foreign seafarers for the purpose of crew change Valid crew list visa


  1. Only fully-vaccinated foreign nationals (except for minors 12 years old and below) with sufficient proof of vaccination will be allowed entry into the Philippines.
  2. Click HERE for visa requirements for those granted entry exemptions under current IATF Regulations.
  3. Foreign spouses, and children of Filipino citizens (category 6), whether or not travelling with their Filipino principals, may apply for a 9(a) visa at the Embassy, subject to submission of application requirements. Applicants may submit the complete requirements through e-mail at Please note that the Embassy will not process incomplete requirements.
  4. Foreign nationals from visa-required countries seeking entry exemption for government and private businesses in the Philippines should secure an endorsement from the appropriate Philippine national government agency. The endorsing agency must submit their entry exemption request directly to DFA-Office of Consular Affairs (OCA).
  5. Foreign nationals from visa-free countries who wish to stay in the Philippines for more than 30 days can either (a) request an extended stay at the Bureau of Immigration upon arrival in the Philippines; or (b) secure an endorsement from the appropriate Philippine national government agency and secure a 9(a) visa that will allow them to stay for a maximum of 59 days. The endorsing Philippine national agency must submit their entry exemption request directly to DFA-Office of Consular Affairs (OCA).
  6. For protocols for arrival in the Philippines, please check this advisory. For further information on quarantine, testing procedures and international vaccination certificates, please visit the Bureau of Quarantine website at or fill out their Contact Us page.

For further inquiries or clarifications, concerned foreign nationals may send an email to

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Feb. 8th – 7:30 PM Manilla  & Feb. 9th – 12:30 PM Manilla
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February  8th – 7:30 PM Manila, Philippines


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General Introduction

Why We Chose El Nido

Project Timeline Recap and Outlook

Comprehensive Insights from our Lead Architect

Why Quality Comes First

The Right Team for the Job

5 Must-Visit Resorts in El Nido, Palawan For Your Beach Getaway

Break the quarantine spell and indulge in a nearby beach getaway! Whether you choose to spend lazy days lounging on a daybed or go island-hopping, El Nido, Palawan offers countless, great resorts to suit every type of traveller. We’ve kicked off your search and compiled the best resorts in El Nido, Palawan – check them out: 

  1. Charlie’s El Nido
  2. Pandan Villas
  3. ANGKLA Beach Club and Boutique Resort 
  4. Explorar Treehouses El Nido
  5. The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island

Charlie’s El Nido

Photo courtesy of: Charlie’s El Nido

Enjoy a secluded yet comfortable stay at Charlie’s El Nido, located amidst the natural wonders of Palawan’s lush landscape. Here, guests will enjoy beautiful, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Cadlao Island, bringing together the tropical outdoors with the comforts of home. You can access the busier El Nido town or Lio Estates in 15 mins, while also getting a good night’s sleep.

Charlie’s El Nido

Address: Km 279 National Highway, Barangay Villa Libertad, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 5313
Safety Guidelines:
Book Here:

Pandan Villas

Photo courtesy of: Pandan Villas

Enjoy a bespoke, authentic El Nido experience at Pandan Villa. Apart from amazingly picturesque and very cosy private villas, this resort boasts a sailing Catamaran that can bring you to secluded blue lagoons and beaches of your choosing. Best, chill and unwind on the deck while watching El Nido’s glorious sunset in the middle of the calmest sea.

Pandan Villas

Address: Kalye Artisano, Lio Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 5130
Safety Guidelines:
Book Here:

ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort

Photo courtesy of: ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort

Want a change of scenery? At ANGKLA, celebrate a well-deserved vacation with the scenic stretch of Nacpan Beach’s white sand as your backdrop. With beachfront views, an outdoor pool, and a wide range of exceptional facilities at the tip of your fingertips, it is simply the place to be.

ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort

Address: Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 5130
Book Here:

Explorar Treehouse El Nido

Photo courtesy of: Treehouses Villa Koh Yao Noi

The design team behind southern Thailand’s most exciting luxury beachfront resort, Treehouse villas Koh Yao Noi, is launching a new treehouse concept in the Philippines. Slated to open in 2024, Explorar Treehouses El Nido will feature the same design as its origin — 65 villas with private plunge pools surrounded by 360-degree untouched, lush mountain terrain overlooking sea views. Elevate your fine experience by dining at a beachfront restaurant featuring local and international cuisines, and cap your day with revitalizing pampering at Spa and Wellness or a drink at Island Rock Pool Bar.

Explorar Treehouses El Nido

Address: Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 5130
Find the latest updates here:

The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island

Be ready for the ultimate island getaway at The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan! The Pavilions is a multi-awarded, luxury hotel group with locations on the world’s best gems. Boasting private beach access, panoramic tropical ocean views, an adventure park among other luxury amenities, this El Nido resort will make all your beachfront getaway dreams come true. This paradise is opening in 2023 so be sure to snag a spot when you can!

The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island

Find the latest updates here:

Final Thoughts on 5 Must-Visit Resorts in El Nido, Palawan for Your Beach Getaway


El Nido, Palawan is nothing short of paradise. Pristine, white-sand beaches, lush jungles, and sparkling blue waters are just a few of the things that attract tourists from all around the world. This incredible island is the perfect destination for travellers of all interests, styles and budgets.

If you yearn to spend your break in a location that has never failed to fulfil people’s dream of a worthwhile getaway, then the choice is simple–choose El Nido, Palawan!

November 2021 Progress Update

Construction of Overwater Villa Moves to November 2021


In collaboration with our project management consultants CBRE we have moved to start this November the construction of the Overwater Villas.

The decision was made to meet the recommended environmental and engineering improvements on the Precast Piles and Beams that will carry the overwater villas’ boardwalk and bridges.

The new schedule allows the precast piles and beams to be fabricated and shipped locally, increasing construction speed compared to using conventional construction methods.

Architect David Cabigao, CEO of KDAS Group, lead architect, said that the precast system mitigates cost exposure and promotes effective, faster build with high-precision installation.

“It is a good alternative to make sure we minimize unforeseen environmental impact in the overall development of the overwater villas. This means a lesser margin of error in the long run,” he added.

Earlier this year, The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan added new site and structural engineers and utilized environment-friendly alternatives such as precast structures, in its continuous commitment to green building practices.

The precast piles and beams will also house the Mechanical, Electrical, Sanitary and Fire Protection System, crucial to the effective core system for operating and developing the overwater villas.

The construction of overwater villas was initially forecasted to start in September. With the latest improvements, The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan is on schedule to be fully-operational in 2023.

We are pleased to share key developments on the project this November

  • Surveying and Staking Overwater Boardwalk
  • Erection and Fabrication of Steel Roof Truss
  • Roof Shingle Installation for Lot 11 and 12
  • Road Grading and Soil Stabilization
  • Plumbing and Electrical Works for MUVs
  • Building Pad Preparation for Lot 21 and 22

We remain committed to doing everything possible to deliver a project that lives up to the expectations it raises. We look forward to 2022 and 2023 with great confidence, particularly on the great potential of The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island.

Why this year may be the best yet to see the grandeur of El Nido, Palawan

With complex travel protocols in place and the island closed off to the rest of the world, the world-famous El Nido beaches lay bare and serene with nary an orange life vest in sight. Locals are reportedly seeing a growing number of marine species returning to the lagoons due to decreased human activity.

Beyond the famous powdery white sand and crystal blue waters, El Nido has some of the most stunning and exciting cultural experiences too. We have curated a list of hidden gems for your next visit to El Nido.

Travel Guide to El Nido’s Best Kept Secrets

Source: Sibaltan Heritage Facebook Page

A laid-back and idyllic village blessed with a beautiful view of the sunrise, limestone formations, and pristine white beaches, Sibaltan’s dirt roads lead to one of Palawan province’s oldest civilizations.

In 2010, traces of a trading community that dated back to 500 AD were found in this small village. You can find flake tools, shards of earthen jars, and blue and white porcelain housed at the village’s museum.

The local government of El Nido is planning to reopen and improve the Sibaltan heritage village in a five-year plan that includes a cultural theatre, a faith museum, and organizing cultural dance troupes and heritage guides.

Kalye Artisano

Source: Kalye Artisano Facebook Page

Kalye Artisano is a cultural retail and hospitality hub that celebrates all things Filipino. According to its site, it has started as an artist village and has since grown to be a cultural hub for like-minded businesses to create, produce, and share their distinct and creative vision with the
community around them.

Travel Bubble guests can glimpse Kalye Artisano at Lio Beach, a part of Ayala Land’s footprint in Palawan.

Soon to rise: The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan

Voted as the most beautiful Island in the world, Palawan has proven its market value among travelers and investors alike. The Pavilions El Nido Palawan Island Resort aims to capture their hearts, too. Positioned and designed as a luxury resort, it is recommended for investors looking for either tranquility or island adventure; and those seeking lucrative real estate investment returns.

The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island Resort is looking forward to welcoming their guests with arms wide open in 2023; and the whole team is committed to giving their investors and leisure travelers a taste of luxurious island life.

Ille Cave

El Nido is not all about untouched beaches. Only for the brave, you can book a guided tour at Ille Cave, an archaeological site that sits under the massive Late Eocene Pabellion karst-formation in New Ibajay, El Nido, Palawan.

The tour educates on the cave’s history with discoveries of tiger bones and evidence of human occupation dating back to 2680 BC– before an ascent to the summit for breathtaking views across the eastern El Nido and Sulu Sea.

Source: El Nido Paradise

The world is slowly opening to travel again

According to UNWTO, three per cent of all global destinations have taken steps to ease travel restrictions prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just this week alone, the Philippines has lifted travel restrictions on travellers from 10 countries, namely – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Travellers from the said countries are still required to comply with appropriate entry, testing, and quarantine protocols.

Filipinos may never get to admire El Nido in such a peaceful state again as local and foreign travellers alike flock to its shores in a few months. So gear up, travel safe, and support local!

Water Bungalows to Start in Q4 2021

The highly anticipated water bungalows were finally greenlighted to start this year after receiving a positive global review. CBRE is a commercial real estate firm specializing in services for leasing, property management, facility management, capital markets, and consulting services.

The external review came after investors called for better visibility on the construction schedule of the entire project.

CBRE: Above-Standards

In addition to construction teams and engineers already in place, the CBRE project manager carried out a complete review of the site, the teams, the processes, and the control and update of the schedule.

The team confirmed that it was well above the usual standards for a real estate project on a Philippine Island.

Master planning and visualization of the technical schedule
See regular, monthly updates on the construction progress here.

Living up to expectations

These calls served as an opportunity for transparent, challenging, and constructive dialogue between professionals.

An independent accounting firm audited the financial management of the project. The firm has determined that the project has sufficient capital reserves to meet and exceed the expectations of the investors for promised returns through the completion and grand opening of the resort.

The developer and management team remains committed to doing everything possible to deliver a project that lives up to the expectations it raises.

With a hotel group of exceptional experience, professionalism, and expertise, we look forward to 2022 and 2023 with great confidence, particularly on the great potential of The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts Becomes First International Hotel Group to Accept Cryptocurrency

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts has enhanced its guest experiences by becoming the first international boutique hotel group to accept cryptocurrencies from any country for hotel bookings, leading the tourism industry into the future of secure online payments. Partnering with UK-based, world-leading global crypto-payment gateway, Coindirect, all of The Pavilions’ hotels and resorts can now be booked confidently and securely with digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum and 40 other virtual currencies.

We pride ourselves on providing partners a platform for instant secure payments with over 40 Cryptocurrencies; this was a critical factor for The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts to ensure the end-to-end payment service is safe, flexible and easy for guests, when booking their next experience at any of The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts’ across the globe.” said Jesse Hemson-Struthers, CEO and Co-founder of Coindirect.

“Guests can take advantage of paying in the Cryptocurrency of their choice, based on the currency and location they are situated in at the time of booking, offering more freedom and a contemporary, personalised service.” he continued.

“Personalised experiences are at the core of our DNA; allowing this flexibility in payments combined with security and peace of mind for our guests is the next step in personalised and bespoke services. We are proud to lead the industry and enhance ourselves in the digital world with this exciting new crypto payment method available at all of our unique and distinct Hotels and Resorts across the globe.” said Gordon Oldham, Founder & Owner, The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts.

The Pavilions Residences, which are available for sale at the group’s Phuket and Niseko resorts, will also accept cryptocurrencies for property sales.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts recently announced several new hotels, most recently The Pavilions Anana Krabi in Thailand, and The Pavilions El Nido, Palawan Island in the Philippines, expanding its portfolio to 14 locations across the globe including Phuket, Bali, Himalayas, Mongolia and Niseko in Asia, and Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome in Europe.

Unique to the luxury hotel group are ‘Curated Journeys’, which immerse the guest in the discovery of the very essence of the destination; a Pavilions Spa brand that delivers locally inspired treatments with locally sourced products to ensure authenticity; F&B concepts derived through destination research which offer an authentic, local experience, and comprehensive focus on CSR initiatives.

Payments using cryptocurrencies will be available for direct bookings through each hotel’s reservations centre from 07 July 2021. In the near future, it will be available on website booking engines as well. Visit here for a complete list of supported cryptocurrencies.


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El Nido Beach has been ranked as one of the best island destinations in the world by Travel+Leisure, CNN-Go and Condé Nast Traveler with the country’s highest tourism growth market. Learn more >

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